The Hill of Alassio

Dipped in the nature

The beauty of Alassio is mainly its geographic seat, so completely enshrouded by the Sunny Bay, to gift wonderful marine patches and landscapes. The purifed air of this zone convinced Mr. Enzo Bearzot, the Italian team soccer 1928’s World Cup winner trainer, to come here for the training camp, before the victorious Spanish adventure. Despite the marine vocation, in Alassio is possible to spend entire days in its neightbourhoods, discovering places full of nature and history.

In the little villages, hung on the hills all around, the life goes on following ancient rhythms, pervaded by the old recipes perfumes.


Among these jewels, Moglio, old rural village full of olives, with Caso, Solva, Vegliasco, whose name is in the Adelasia and Aleramo legend. Moglio, the old Lamiun, has been built by survivors of an other village destroyed by the plague. During the Ligurian Republic, founded by Napoleon I, became an independent municipality. Here, the first August Sundays, is organized the “gnocchi”, kind of pasta already handmade and the underbelly tuna festivals


In Solva, a pair kilometres far from Alassio, there is the “Santissima Annunziata” Church, built in 1382, renovated in 1480. The tower rang the first time in 1840. With the slate front it hosts high medieval frescos of the “Seven deadly sins” and of the “Hell”. Here in the summer, the “biscetta”, the local fennel seeds fritter, has its annual festival.


In Vegliasco, Aleramo and Adelasia summer mansion, there is the famous Castle, also said Tower, which shape is in the Alassio crest. An other promenade outside the city is the one dedicated to the Gallinara Island, 10 minute, on the sea, far from the cost.

Around Alassio

Absolutely to visit the beautiful Toirano caves, a group of three hundred carsic origin holes, so famous for its incredible stalactites and stalagmites collection. Every year more than 100.000 visitors enter in this magic places, also to appreciate the internal skilled guides to show the home sapiens, ursus spelaus (old bear) signs and some of the best interesting caves. Some of the most interesting are the caves of Colombo, Santa Lucia and Basura (whitch). This one has been discovered by some local guys in 1950.

More far from Alassio the Caravelle aqua park of Ceriale, the huge Genoa Aquarium, one hour drive only; for the adult the Albenga hippodrome, with kids play zone, and, moderately and with intelligence amusement, the Sanremo and Monaco Casino.

An other visit has to be Laigueglia, little marine village full of little squares and “carrugi”, where, every summer, the local Municipality organizes a lot of events for adults and kids. On Colla Micheri, really sheer on the sea, there is the Thor Heyerdahl mansion, the Norvegian anthropologist involved on Kon Tiki story.