The Beach of Alassio

A very fine sand

If we consider its geographical position, the expansion of its beach, the possibility to swim from March to November, the shallow depth, the gentleness of its climate through the whole year, the quality of the service offered by over 100 bathing establishments and the panoramic view both from Capo Mele and from Capo S. Croce, Alassio must undoubtedly be regarded as one of the best beaches in the world.

The strand with its very fine grey-white dustless sand stretches over four kilometres to join the seaside hamlet of wonderful Laigueglia.

In the middle of the nineteenth century, the English discovered the good influence and the pleasure of sea bathing. They were the first to discover and take advantage of the benefits derived from the iodine contained in its natural sand. As in the past, today the sea represents for Alassio an important resource which, together with the particular conformation of its beach and the benefit of its climate, make it an important tourist resort of the Riviera delle Palme.

Its very fine sand and the shallow gradient remind one of tropical beaches.

To protect the marine environment, the Administration of Alassio has entrusted to a group of experts, coordinated by the Laboratory of Marine Biology of the University of Genova, the task of creating a MARINE BARRIER FOR BIOLOGICAL PROTECTION placed in the stretch of sea situated between Capo Santa Croce and the Bestoso landing-stage.
In order to describe Alassio’s sand better, we cite a passage from the report of the geologist Franco Scarpati taken from his study “Alassio climatology of the bay”:” The sand is formed by a high percentage of quartz and silicates (about 76%) while the remaining part is of a calcareous nature. The amount of dust is very negligible and the granulometry, referred to the whole of the sandy cover, reveals a maximum percentage 75,61%) of granules with a diameter of 0,177 mm. The above given elements, together with its granulometrical homogeneity of a greyish colour, place it among the best sandy sediments.


In the countries of the North Sea they are called “beach baskets” : they are large wickerwork decking chairs offering comfort and shelter, ideal for those wanting to get sun-tanned even in low temperatures. You will find them on our beach in the winter solarium organized by the GE.S.CO Mare and by Bagni Molo.