The climate of Alassio

Environment and Climate

The tourist history of Alassio is closely connected to its climate..

Very thorough studies have compared the climate of the picturesque bay of Alassio to that of another pearl of Italian tourism, Amalfi..

In fact both the coast and hilly belt are exposed to the South, a crown of mountains protects it from the northerly winds: that is why Alassio enjoys the typical Mediterranean maritime climate which is pleasant and mild, with annual range of about 15 degrees, average winter temperature of about 10 degrees and summers refreshed by marine breezes with temperatures around 25 degrees.

It is above all due to its favourable climate that Alassio, towards the end of the 18th century , became among the first Italian towns to receive tourism from Europe. As time went by, the first wealthy English families who started this trend were replaced by a crowd of tourists coming from all over the world, as the latest statistics on the tourist flux show.