The former Anglican Church

The first version of the Anglican Church dates back to 1882, leading the works completely from London, with the supervision of the St. Paul’s Church.
In 1905, the local community expanding, it is necessary to built a new wing, and, once and for all, in 1927 a new bigger Church was erected with magnificent view, its legendary pepper tree, garden, a 20 meters cobbled entrance way enriched by luxuriant wisterias, as well as a gravelled open space used for outdoor concerts. In a Neo-gothic style, the building’s simple shapes and open spaces give it a sense of greatness, as well as in the old cathedral.
This is also why the Anglican Church is loved bu so many musicians, as it provides excellent acoustics. Using the valuable heritage left by the English, Alassio has transformed the Church into a multi-functional space with a calendar of events running throughout the year: ranging from contemporary art displays and concert to theatre shows, workshops, conferences, festivals and kids events.