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How, where and when to practice


Alassio as usual for all of the best cities on the sea, has a lot of sea promenades to discover either hidden baies or to reach the Gallinara with different kind of boats. Among them, the right one is the sail boat. The winds, blowing on the Alassio sea, create a very difficult regatta course, but anyway very fascinating for the sailing fans. It is also possible to rent any kind of boats, for private tours and diving trips. The Yacht Club “Al mare”, one of the Italian oldest, founded in 1925, has a sailing school, whose athletes have raced in the olympic games and in the world championships, and organizes every years important regattas.


Almost in front of Alassio, mostly in winter and in autumn, the sea makes high and energic waves, creating an amazing show that captures brave and skilled surfers, transforming Alassio in a California spot. Among the well known waves, also for the web surfer, is the one forming just in front of the dock (molo) and the western wind, Tramontana, makes Alassio one of the best Italian places for surfers and kitesurfers, that play with the board pulled by a wing, blow by the wind. Many the schools and surf lovers that come here to fly and slide on the sea.


It is possible to sail in the blue sky ot the Alassio with hang and para-gliding, enjoying, from on high, the sea and the green coasts, mainly in autumn and in spring, when the best winds arrive. We can take off from two well known points, also quoted in the web from the Pisciavino mount, with a lift-off on 580 meters below the sea level. We go up a dirt road, very bumpy, that brings to the repeaters on the top. An other is in Puerta del Sol, with a little take off, with an incredible killer view, just lit bit on railway above. From here there is no possibility to make error because, being very low, a good wind is necessary to sail “in dynamic”, otherwise we take risk to fall in the beach.


Alassio has a long horse riding story, with athletes that played in the very important international contests. Around Alassio there are a lot of rings, where to learn a sport, just this, joining together man and horse. Ride schools for professional riders, with jump and dressage, and special lesson for kids. Here it is possible to recover our own horse all along the year. Moving little bit far from the city we find other rings that organize groups, lead by instructor, for promenades on the nature and american riding lesson. In the Ippodromo dei Fiori, in Villanova d’Albenga, some minutes far from Alassio, where to attend to sport trot and gallop races. Places dedicated for the kids, where to know the horse world, also with the instructor assistance.


In Alassio we can live the sea up and down, as for the beautiful blue spots as well for its rich bottoms. One of the best thing to do on the sea is the whale watching, observing the passage of the Ligurian Sea International Sanctuary. On the boats, that Alimar organises in the summer twice per week, there is always a marine biolog, that, while shows the watching to the audience, collects data for the scientific research. With Alimar is also possible to rent boats for organizing birthday and wedding parties, enjoying the wonderful natural show of the cost.


The Alassio sea bottoms, without submarine drifts, have different interesting diving spots. 500 mt. far from the Gallinara, 38/40 mt. deep, recently reopened, there is the Umberto l’s wreck, merchant ship sunk, in 1917, by a British torpedo.
For the skilled divers, cause for the poor visibility, the very impressive visit to two wrecks: the German Oued Tifles, wellknown as Tifly’s, and the Bettolina di Cervo, both torpedoed by British Navy. One of the most interesting marine archeological bottom is just in front of Albenga, where the guest star is the old Nave Oneraria, only visiting on demand to preserve it.


It hosts the Porto Authority, the Merchant Marine and the “Al mare” Yacht Club. It has been founded in 1925 by a group of sea sport lovers. Even if the Centre developed, adding new modern structures, the inspiring soul of the current share-holders remains the same of the pioneers one. Beyond the Marine there is a free wide beach with sand and little stones, that arrives till Punta Murena, one of the most suggestive natural places, with the magnificent Villa and the surrounding park, that arrives till the sea.

The Luca Ferrari harbour is a fine example of what a tourist harbour should be like. In addition to basic services it also has Internet wi-fi coverage of the entire harbour area, as well as a modern bilge water pumping service that makes the harbour of Alassio one of the first modern marinas in Italy is able to provide this important service. The harbour has 550 berths, all with water and electricity supply socket, that can accommodate vessels of up to 35 metres on a short-term basis. Car Parking is free for the first half hour.