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Bathing establishments association

Part of the Union of Italian Bathing FIPE / Confcommercio. It 's the main Syndicate category in the province of Savona that associates around 120 firms, or 98% of bathing beaches companies operating in Alassio. The Association Bagni Marini of Alassio is in existence for at least 50 years even though it was officially incorporated as an Association in June 1994 by the founding members in the persons of Ernesto Shy, Daniela Di Somma, Angela Gallo, Andrea Serrone, Giampaolo Fracchia, Domenico "Mimmo" Giraldi and Robert Robino. From 1989 he was chairman Geom. Ernesto Shy who is also a founding member of the Association of the Province of Savona Bagni Marini, which took place November 30, 1990 together with the current National President of the Borgo Riccardo Lanza and Peter Vigo John, and John Pendola .. Purposes of the Association are to assume the defense of the class and carry out trade union assistance to its members but in recent years over the defense of the category, the Association has become a driving force for promoting tourism in the town of Alassio and has made in person and by seeking synergies with all other elements of the tourism industry.