The Town of Sweet Hearths

Alassio - Città degli Innamorati - il marchio


Since it’s beginning Alassio was well-known as the sweetheart’s town.

An ancient legend tells that a few centuries before the year 1000, Adelasia, daughter of Otto I st, emperor of the holy Roman Empire, fell in love with Aleramo a young cup-beare at court.
Her father disfavoured this relationship so the sweet-hearts eloped, left the german territory and once married went to live on the sloped of mount Tirasso. Their poor life as charcoal burners ended when the emperor came to Italy to fight against the Arab invaders and Aleramo, with his don’t fought valiantly in the Imperial Army. The bishop of Albenga pleaded to obtain forgiveness for the emperor’s daughter and finally Aleramo was encharged of the marquisade of Acqui, Monferrato and Savona by the generous king. Where Adelasia and Aleramo lived atown was born, named in honour of the princess, Alaxia from which the modern name Alassio.

On the 4th October 2007 Alassio, famous world wide for it’s “Muretto” was the only Italian town to get the official registrated trade-mark of “Sweetheart’s town”.
There are already many works of art that remind us that Alassio indeed the “Sweetheart’s town”. The famous painting “Les Amourex” by Raymond Peynet, and the bronze statue “Innamorati” by Pellini on the “Muretto” Mastroianni’s steel “storks” and the post box that every 14th February welcomes love letters and poems coming from all over Europe.

San Valentine Best Love Letter

Alassio celebrates Saint Valentine with the best love letter competition, conceived by the “Father of the Muretto” the painter Mario Berrino 33 yaers ago. At the time the young people used to meet at the famous “Caffè Roma” opposite the Muretto and they fell in love. To collect all the messages and notes left there, the love-letters post box was ideated and to do homage to all those who used per and paper to portray their love a competition was created. Since the every year on the 14th February letters coming from all over Europe are assessed by an eminent jury that awards the best 20.