Sant’Ambrogio Parish Church

erected during the 15th century in place of a small 10th century church, Sant’Ambrogio has been a Parish since 1507. its Romanesque style was changed to Baroque at the beginning of the 1700s with its renaissance façade being added in 1896.
The insides of the church are a settinf for many important art works: the central vault is covered with frescos showing scenes from Sant’Ambrogio’s life by Virgilio Grana from Albenga; there are also many pieces of art from well-known 17th century artists like Bernardo Castello, Giovanni Andrea De Ferrari and Giulio Benso. In the aisle on the right hand-side, there is a painting by Giovanni Maria Brusco called “Death of Saint Joseph”. The apse on the left houses the Madonna della Misericordia chapel, also called Madonna of Savona chapel due to a miraculous appearance in 1536. in the aisle on the left hand-side there is the Martyrdom of Saint Lucy by Giulio Benso. The tabernacle is made from back stone and dates back to 1470. the famous relics of the “Sacred Bodies” are also kept here.
Outside there is a portal made from black stone by the stonemason Masters from Valle di Rezzo (Imperia), where there’s a central depiction of the Eternal Father, Christ in the middle of the apostles and, in a panel, Sant’Ambrogio with his Episcopal insignia.